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It is ALL about YOU! – Presence and Persona in Start-Up Founders!

Are you one of those people who when they walk into a room, people turn to look and stay looking? Do you hold conversations at parties and more people drift into your circle than anyone else? Does that waiter hand you a free coffee after a 5 minute conversation? When you speak at a business […]

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Networking – The power of Social Capital

What if, Networking was like a dance This is an invitation, for a moment, to experience networking from another angle: In a nutshell, networking is when independent people who are building businesses meet each other at a conference, in an airport, at a party. And they have a certain perspective, alignment – ways that bring […]

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Netnography – Social ethnography gone online!

In order to build a successful company, first, you need to focus on transforming your ideas into a real product or service.    As a consequence you need to understand your consumer behavior and acknowledge their mind and heart. Let’s begin to answer the following questions: Who is my consumer? What are their passions and […]

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Wasteland or Dreamland? Which Orange County do you see?

Yes, when it comes to “branding”; Orange County, California is known for Disneyland, stunning beaches and The Real Housewives of Orange County. And probably, for self-indulgent, hedonistic rich types with nothing better to do than cruise Coast Highway with the top down. There is another OC that lives in the same beautiful surroundings that is […]