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What do Neurons, Hipsters and Entrepreneurs have in common?

They all are characterized by idiosyncratic patterns of non-conformity, yet they ultimately end up looking the same. Blush. I recently read a colourful article referring to the work of Jonathan Touboul, a mathematician and neuroscientist who likened behavioural patterns of neurons with ‘hipsters’. Now that should get the attention of anyone with introverted geek tendencies. […]

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The coming disruption in the Venture Capital Industry!

Once startups prove their business model, the opportunity to grow requires some heavy-lifting finance mostly provided by Venture Capital (VC) firms. However, VC as an industry has been in dire straits. Since the crisis, the VC industry in the United States has failed to match the previous high of US$ 28 billion raised in 2007. […]

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Three things African entrepreneurs should do differently

Entrepreneurship has taken very firm roots in Africa as a credible source of growth, an alternative career path and a means to solve socio-economic problems. According to Mike Herrington, executive director of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, entrepreneurship is on the rise as economies are […]


Create Your Own Luck – Engineering Serendipity

First published on “Innovation is serendipity, so you don’t know what people will make.” – Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web. How often do we hear our friends and family say “Oh! She is so lucky. She moves in the right circles”. Or “He is so lucky. He is always at the right place at […]


What do your Facebook Likes say about you?!

Last weekend we engaged with an entrepreneur who has built numerous apps which have generated in excess of US$ 250 million in revenues. He talked about an interesting experiment he did. He created a script that would automatically “Like” every single photo or update that any of his friends or followers added on Facebook or […]


Startups and Wearable Tech

During our time in London we had two distinct interactions which highlighted how exciting the space of wearable technology is going to be really really soon., a startup in the past and now a mature company with roughly 250 employees, disrupted dinosaur industries like printing business cards, postcards and minicards. In a recent fireside chat […]


Give us ideas for interventions for youth at risk using Technology

We recently met a prominent technology entrepreneur who has thrown us a very exciting challenge – How can technology be leveraged to make effective interventions for youth who are not in education, employment or training [NEET]. World Literacy Foundation estimates that more than 796 million people in the world cannot read and write and about 67 million children […]


Open Innovation and Co-Creation

We met Margaret Gold, one of the founders of the Mobile Collective, on a bright sunny London morning. It was really exciting to find out first hand about the Co-creative events they have been organising in the city. Together with the Open Knowledge Foundation, they organised Science Hackday London which looked at collaborative tools for citizen science. The event brought […]