Dave Mathews [USA]

Dave Mathews, founder of NewAer, Inc. has more than 70 granted patents and has been at the startup stages of more than a handful of companies. Dave Mathews is a consumer-focused inventor specializing in mobile, convergence and digital entertainment. Dave began connecting computers to cellular phones in the early 1990′s and created some of the first mobile data solutions for carriers across the U.S. After the dot-com bubble burst, he was tapped by the Chairman of RadioShack to help rekindle the spirit of innovation within the retail giant. He later supported development, marketing and growth for startups including boxee and Slingbox. His latest company is a software engine that can allow any application to be proximity aware and can be found at www.proximityplatform.com online.
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Proximity for the People

We live in a radio-interconnected world where our laptop computers and tablets communicate over WiFi, our phones and increasingly vehicles connect to high-speed wireless LTE networks and Bluetooth allows us to send music across the room. New wearable fitness devices use Bluetooth low-energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart to sync our smartphones to the daily […]

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