Deborah Mills-Scofield [USA]

Deb Mills-Scofield helps companies create and implement actionable, adaptable, measurable, and profitable innovation-based strategic plans. Deb has been doing this successfully for 25+ years with service, manufacturing, and high-technology companies from large global companies to early-stage. She has also done some carve-outs, start-ups and start-downs. Deb asks her clients to match 10% of her fee to improve lives in their community. As a Partner at Glengary LLC, an early-stage Venture Capital firm in Cleveland, Deb asks her clients to mentor an entrepreneur.

Deb is a co-creator of Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder, a contributor to Steve Denning’s book, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management, Trust Inc.: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset, and several other books. She blogs on various sites in addition to her own, including Harvard Business Review, Switch and Shift, Innovation Excellence, etc. and is recognized as one of the top 40 bloggers on innovation. Deb is also a regular at the Business Innovation Factory and a storyteller at BIF-9.

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The Paradox of Trust, Vulnerability and Leadership

Originally published in Switch and Shift We usually think of great leaders as strong, unflappable, all-knowing, all-confident and ready to forge ahead. They have all the answers, they know where they are going, and we trust them without doubt and question. Wrong! Great leaders are strong but don’t hide all their emotions. They know a […]

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Don’t let Probable trump Possible

I don’t buy lottery tickets. Perhaps I should. When it’s the huge MegaMillions® I think about it, but I don’t.  Why? Because, while it is definitely Possible that I could win, it’s not highly Probable. We interchangeably use Possible and Probable or view them as ‘either/or’ options instead of ‘and/both’.      Let’ break down this artificial distinction!  One way […]

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