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Networking – The power of Social Capital

What if, Networking was like a dance

This is an invitation, for a moment, to experience networking from another angle: In a nutshell, networking is when independent people who are building businesses meet each other at a conference, in an airport, at a party. And they have a certain perspective, alignment – ways that bring added value to the business, product, company or the world. When it comes to business partnerships, if you have the opportunity to establish a personal, face to face connection, go for it. Then, when you follow up, you will have a foundation for a good relationship.

Networking is like a dance – Come prepared

Know your dance, your goal and what you intend to create. Prepare and then be flexible. Be able to present your vision or product from different angles. Know what you need.

Networking is like a dance – Start and see if you can dance together twitter

Invite a person into conversation. Engage. Resonate. “If two taglines are talking to each other, you will not get into real conversation.” This is why sharing your story opens up the ground for really understanding what you can do together.

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Networking is like a dance – Make them want to dance again. twitter

Meet your partners and clients long before knowing you’d have a job, partnership or investment to fill – and build relationships so you can rely on them, when you need it. An attitude of “If you are not interesting for me at the moment, I do not talk to you” – does not build the network you want. Network for the Future.

Networking is like a dance – Continue to dance

A lot of prospective million dollar empires just don’t come into being. Why? Because what you said you would do in the conversation – to call, to send material, to inform about the status – you never did. Networking is about relationship building which continues after the initial contact. Be responsive. Good reliable relationships build with little gestures during the year. Schedule face to face meetings with regularity. Recommend something you know the other person is focusing on right now. Find ways to connect, even if your time is limited. Give this person space, time, open ears and an open mind – to listen to and experience them. Networking is not just for the sake of it. Start working together on a small project or sign a pre-deal and see if you want to continue. Are you and is your prospective partner walking the talk? Follow through and Follow up.

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Do you believe in serendipity? The next time you network, try on this flavor of seeing networking as a dance.
“We are all guests in each other’s lives. Make it a pleasure to have you!”

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