Sandra Marya [Austria]

Credit: Dan Taylor, Heisenberg Media

Sandra Marya is a tech founder, with years of international experience in corporate M&A, as a strategist for the CEO of an international group in implementing change projects in 10+ countries, and has also co-founded an early-stage startup platform. As founder of the strategy studio ( she is currently working with clients in New York and London. To support founders and investors handling their network, she is working with the team on a mobile deal-making & business development product. Find out more about her work at

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Networking – The power of Social Capital

What if, Networking was like a dance This is an invitation, for a moment, to experience networking from another angle: In a nutshell, networking is when independent people who are building businesses meet each other at a conference, in an airport, at a party. And they have a certain perspective, alignment – ways that bring […]

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