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The Internet is Broken


Thought Leader Profile – Shane Greenup [Australia]
Shane wears many hats. Entrepreneur, philosopher, scientist, skeptic, futurist, traveller and much more. He is the founder of Rbutr, a community driven system which maps links between webpages where the content of one page is a critical response to the other. The content may be directly arguing against the original content, or generally presenting contradictory evidence. The basic premise behind the rbutr project is the belief that if one is accessing information, then one has the right to know if someone has critiqued that information. If someone else has taken the time to respond, criticise or argue against the content, then that response is potentially incredibly important to what one has just read, watched or heard. The hope is that by providing access to critical responses to that source, misinformation is corrected, scams are exposed, bias is called out, context is provided and everyone has access to the full story.

Shane wants to promote critical thinking in future generations by demonstrating to them that every claim can be critically analysed, and by making that process a regular daily occurrence in their lives.

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