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Wasteland or Dreamland? Which Orange County do you see?

Yes, when it comes to “branding”; Orange County, California is known for Disneyland, stunning beaches and The Real Housewives of Orange County. And probably, for self-indulgent, hedonistic rich types with nothing better to do than cruise Coast Highway with the top down.

There is another OC that lives in the same beautiful surroundings that is launching awesome new companies at a rapid rate. “The OC” is quietly rocking it out in tech. twitter This is ground zero for the gaming community. Blizzard, Gaikai and Occulus are huge and disruptive. The gaming ecosystem is teaming with designers, programmers and UX/UI people in very large numbers with tremendous expertise. Many are crossing over to other industries such as hardware, like Red Camera and Oakley or into web and mobile platforms

Orange County med-tech and green-tech are leading the world in many categories, and have been for several decades. Even older, but still innovating is aerospace. OC is home to a surprising number of engineering firms that somehow consistently create new technology for both commercial and space flight.

Two years ago there were three startup incubators in the county. Now there are nine. Two years ago there were only a few tech Meetups a month. Now there a couple of Meetups going on almost day. Add to that; multiple hackathons, pitchfests and Startup Weekends and you have the picture of a thriving, dynamic and totally awesome place to create from.!
Despite being saddled with the image of being laidback, The OC is the place to be if you want to build innovative new tech companies. There is an abundance of talent. Several top universities, thriving cutting edge industry and the capital to fuel it all. It is the very definition of the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem. In short The OC is a tech-Dreamland.

Thought Leader Profile – Michael Sawitz [USA]
Michael Sawitz is the Founder and CEO of, a business incubator in Irvine, CA. Additionally, Mr. Sawitz has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Amailcenter Franchise Corporation, the franchisor of AIM Mail Centers, since its inception in 1985. He has been a featured guest on radio talk shows such as Professional Insights, National Public Radio and California Grand Opening. Additionally, he is Entrepreneur in Residence at California State University Fullerton Mihaylo School of Business and Economics. Michael Sawitz has also cofounded and served as the President of the National Alliance of Ship Centers, a non-profit industry association.
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