Weston Hankins

Weston is passionate about creating technology to broaden how we relate to other people and our world. He was the third employee and CTO of couchsurfing.org that today boasts of 5.5 million members across 97,000 cities in 207 countries and has enabled more than 20 million experiences between members who were once strangers. He understands the big picture, identifies what needs to be measured, when to measure it and how to visualize it in a powerful way. He enjoys coordinating geographically dispersed teams and his personal record for 1 team is 15 locations across 13 time zones. He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide on topics ranging from cybersecurity to the sharing economy. As a maker, he worked on core file services for MS Windows in Redmond, USA and interaction device managers for virtual and augmented environments at Daimler’s research center in Ulm, Germany. His biggest engineering dream is to push the outermost limits of our technology even further – like in the space industry. He is the Strategic Partnerships Coordinator in Europe for the Space Generation Advisory Council.
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