Zacchary Falconer [UK]

Zach is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, lecturer and consultant. He is a Co-Founder and 1st Gentleman of The Perfect Gentleman, a Lifestyle Media and Education Brand, educates and enlightens men and turn them into Gentlemen. He frequently lectures at various institutions, currently at INSEEC. Previously as CEO of Stuffed Animals Media, he worked at the forefront of the Digital Entertainment Media Revolution. As a Serial Entrepreneur, he has personally been involved with creation of over 20 businesses including; Property, Labour Subcontractors, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Event Management, Security and Film and Television Production, technology companies and web businesses.
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It is ALL about YOU! – Presence and Persona in Start-Up Founders!

Are you one of those people who when they walk into a room, people turn to look and stay looking? Do you hold conversations at parties and more people drift into your circle than anyone else? Does that waiter hand you a free coffee after a 5 minute conversation? When you speak at a business […]

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